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The world of pharma and biotech is filled with complexities, nuances, and diverse stakeholders, each facing unique challenges. Our bespoke analysis focuses on the reputation management challenges each stakeholder group faces.

You’re never flooded with meaningless data. Instead, we offer actionable insights and recommendations, including influencer analytics, that have helped our Fortune 500 pharmaceutical clients navigate crises time and time again.

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Weekly Influencer Reports
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Ad-Hoc Reports
ic Monthly Industry Issues Reports
Monthly Industry Issues Reports
ic quarterly reputation reports
Quarterly Reputation Reports

Weekly Reports

img stakeholder analysis influencer scores of policy makers

Our weekly reports provide real-time Influencer Scores that measure individual impact. With AI integration, we ensure you have the most timely and accurate influencer analytics.

Our reports help your communications teams:

  • Devise effective engagement strategies and create targeted marketing materials for your audience
  • Identify the most engaging key opinion leaders in your space
  • Gain insights into the weekly reach and network of influencers within stakeholder groups
  • Determine who is truly influential on a specific topic
  • Discover how to position your brand messaging effectively for reputation management.
  • Identify future opportunities to focus your efforts

We do this by monitoring social media discussions from numerous sources, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, focusing on a curated list of key voices in your space.

Our approach combines influencer analytics as well as stakeholder and topic analysis. We measure Influencer Scores, comparing post volume and engagement metrics among influencers in the same stakeholder group.

Our weekly reports also evaluate influencers’ connections with different stakeholder groups.

Going beyond, our influencer analytics includes topic-based searches to identify true influencers within your industry on specific subjects.

Our reports provide a step-by-step engagement strategy roadmap, allowing you to build authentic and lasting connections with your target audiences.

img Journalist Analysis Reports journalist audience breakdown

Monthly Reports

Grounded in an in-depth historical understanding of your company, we transform raw data into forward-looking analysis for your corporate and business units.

Our analysts keep their fingers on the pulse of pharma and biotech trends. In our monthly reports, we capture the ebb and flow of key policy issues, tracking how they shape the media landscape for our Fortune 500 pharma and biotech clients and their competitors.

We’re not just about analytics, we’re about crafting strategic leverage. Our cutting-edge reports deliver actionable insights, equipping your decision-making team with an early warning radar to detect nascent trends. Whether it’s preparing for media interaction or understanding the impact of the latest news on your communication strategy, your decision makers are prepared to protect and manage your reputation.

img monthly reports
img quarterly report

Quarterly Reports

For our quarterly reports, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of both client and competitor coverage in traditional and social media on everything from performance-related developments to governance-related problems.

Our seasoned analysts blend a diverse range of metrics — including volume, sentiment, messaging, reach, and social virality — for a holistic view of key stakeholders, journalists, competitors, and relevant policy issues. Our understanding fuels our recommendations, which are designed to help you mitigate any reputational threats and seize opportunities to enhance your brand image.

Our insights go beyond the obvious, providing a nuanced understanding of your media environment. We provide strategies tailored to your needs — whether it’s engaging journalists across multiple platforms who often cover your industry positively or evaluating the impact of a lawmaker’s interrogation of a CEO on your key audiences.

Ad-Hoc Reports

img ad hoc reports

Our ad-hoc reports provide updates on time-sensitive analysis of hot-button issues in traditional and/or social media, with a quick turnaround. You get quick insight into how these issues might affect your reputation.

The reports can be a standalone analysis or a combination of: influencer analysis on a specific person of interest, a highly visible industry or policy issue, or an unforeseen competitive development.

Our team focuses on providing deep dives into how a hot topic trends over time, the sentiment surrounding the topic among key stakeholder groups, which posts gain the most visibility among different audiences, and who are the key influencers driving the conversation and virality. Most importantly, we provide specific recommendations on how the clients’ PR teams can respond to the issue at hand. and protect and manage your reputation

Our ad-hoc reports are not just a window into the rapidly evolving media landscape; they’re also a strategic toolkit. We provide recommendations, enabling our clients’ PR teams to craft informed and effective responses to the issues unfolding in real time and secure their reputation.

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