External Business Environment Analysis

Events beyond your control can impact your business.
Are you monitoring them effectively?

In the fast-paced world of life sciences, high-impact industry issues can negatively affect your competitive edge and corporate communication strategy.

The highly specialized life sciences landscape changes quickly, and the ability to rapidly analyze the right data is critical to seizing opportunities and mitigating threats. That’s where our Business Environment Analysis for Life Sciences service comes in. We conduct both retrospective and predictive studies, providing you with a clear understanding of critical industry issues as they evolve over time. This empowers you to optimize your messaging, protect your competitive edge, and boost your performance.

Are you facing challenges like this?

How we help

Think of our Business Environment Analysis service as your life sciences company’s compass. It’s designed to help biotech and pharma companies understand your environment — the external factors that can impact your performance. We don’t just point out these factors; we help you understand how to use them to your advantage and how to protect your organization from potential harm. Daily monitoring of industry developments keeps you informed of changes to your regulatory and competitive landscape. By understanding what’s driving the conversations and trends in your industry, you’re in a better position to influence your key audience. You’ll know how to respond to messages, campaigns, and legislative measures.

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For over a decade, we’ve been providing data-backed intelligence that helps our clients identify unique opportunities to tell their story and strengthen their competitive position. StratInt team members are experts at navigating the most complex measurement challenges and empowering our clients to understand and leverage these insights.

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