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For over 10 years, we have been partnering with Fortune 500 life sciences firms to deliver healthcare data analysis and consulting services. This level of expertise means we can help you make sense of your data faster and more effectively than vendors who rely on a generic approach.

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For businesses and organizations in the highly specialized life sciences sector, we provide:

How you can benefit from StratInt’s expertise

Businesses in this sector face PR and risk management challenges that require unique expertise. Companies are especially vulnerable to reputational risks due to continual regulatory, legislative, and public scrutiny, as well as their high visibility in academia and traditional media. These risk factors require an increased need for precision and proactiveness, and a deep understanding of regulatory and market-based imperatives.

We help communications teams by:

Innovation is especially important in this industry, where it’s critical to have an understanding of the competitive landscape, trends, and opportunities. It’s also essential that brand storylines and product functionalities are clearly communicated to patients and HCPs.

We help communications teams by:

As a consumer-facing industry, reputational risks are high. Unlike with Biotech/Pharma, individual influencers discuss products in personal posts, casting a wider net and increasing the potential for positive and negative exposure. This is a highly competitive and volatile space: Crisis situations can arise unexpectedly, and name recognition of individual influencers can draw significant visibility.

We help communications teams by:

Why choose StratInt Research

For over a decade, we’ve been providing data-backed intelligence that helps our clients identify unique opportunities to tell their story and strengthen their competitive position. StratInt team members are experts at navigating the most complex measurement challenges and empowering our clients to understand and leverage these insights.

Our Methodology: Where others go wide, we go deep.

Our approach is to look holistically at your business environment and customize our offerings to provide deep insights that answer your questions. Our process aligns your reputation messages with your key stakeholders, identifying the influencers and delivering insights that impact your business goals. You gain the ability to effectively tell your story and mitigate your reputational risks.



Combining cutting-edge software with one-on-one interviews, our analysts dive deep to understand your target audience, your goals, your performance, and the performance of your competitors.



By synthesizing data from multiple sources and designing targeted analytical strategies, we’ll help you create powerful messaging and manage your audiences’ experience with your brand.



We monitor your environment for potential PR crises and undiscovered intelligence that can give you a competitive advantage. We adapt to any change in your environment so that you continue to receive actionable insights and well-designed strategies.

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